Item for the New Year!

The Grippy™ smart phone holder grips and goes with the flow, so you can do the same. Wrapped around any crossbar, you’ll stroll through the day with your little one entertained with his/her favorite game or movie. Grippy™ keeps phone close by for mom’s use too. Its flexible arms and legs adjust to most small mobile devices, while the monkey-tail hook latches on to rear-view mirrors, pant loops, shopping carts, strollers, bicycles, wheelchairs, pushchairs and more. It’s the multipurpose monkey that gets a grip even when you can’t. When your little monkey is swinging from the trees, plop them in a stroller and use the Grippy™ to hang your phone for much-needed entertainment. A nice cruise through the neighborhood will help you both keep calm and stroll on.


Love that you can bend this any way you want!

"Love that you can bend this any way you want. the tail is a little short for the newer mirrors that have the thicker casing and the strap is difficult to get into the vent. I use this for travel and don't keep it in one car at all time."

Jean S

My HTC one m7 fits ok on it

"My HTC one m7 fits ok on it. The whole thing dangles a lot when I drive, but it was expected. My son loves the monkey and I have yet to use it on a shopping cart to distract him while I shop. :-)"


Love it!

"It holds my phone securely when I need it to and looks cute when I don't need it to hold my phone. "


I really love it!

"I still use this product and I really love it. It's a very thick rubber and not sliding at all. Since she is three months I'm using this as a phone holder. She love to listen lullaby when / before she is sleeping so it helped me a lot. I actually use the hook part to hang it is more practical. Also monkeys arms and foot hug your phone and protect the phone. I really love it. "